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HAL Knows What You Like To Drink
Wednesday, 09 September 2009 13:53

Yesterday, we received the following message from an adoring site user:


Fantastic service! I entered only a few of my favorites and then you recommended all of my other favorites. Your system works! My only thought would be that there may be a lot of people like me who don't feel that we are worthy of rating all these beers. By that I mean, you have these complete beer geeks running on and on about every conceivable aspect of the beer and I am stuck with "this shit tastes great."


So, it appears that our top-secret beer selection logarithm is in fact capable of reading your mind. Just as we suspected. Next, the wesbite will drink the beer for you.


As to the last point, feel free to write "this shit tastes great" or some equivalent review. The review comments, while visible to all users, are meant mostly to help people keep track of beers they've tried. There are at least two other great sites, BeerAdvocate and Rate Beer, where you can read extensive, detailed descriptions of beers. BeerChooser is more of a personal service, so if "this shit tastest great" helps you remember to pick up another six pack of a beer you enjoyed the next time you're at the liquor store, BeerChooser has served its purpose.

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