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Drinking Our Way Through Chicago
Tuesday, 15 September 2009 14:37

This week, the BeerChooser nabobs are in Chicago, drinking our way through a world-class beer town. Having spent quite a bit of time in Chicago over the years, we've had the pleasure of enjoying some of the best beer spots in the city. Here are some tried and true favorites:

The Map Room. A great bar with an outstanding rotating selection of craft beer, focusing on particularly good offerings from around the Midwest.

The Hopleaf. A bit more upscale than the Map Room and often packed to capacity, the Hopleaf always has a world-class selection of BelgianĀ  and American crafts. Incidentally, this is the bar where we fell in love with great beer.

Sheffield's. Although the beer selection here isn't quite as curated as the Map Room and Hopleaf, the beer is always fantastic and reasonably priced. When the weather is good, Sheffield's beer garden is a major attraction, and with the inside of the bar plastered with flat-screens, this is also the place to drink awesome beer while watching millionaires play children's games.

Binny's. The various branches of this Chicago-area booze chain are always well-stocked with a vast selection of craft beers. Their Midwest craft selection is particularly excellent (and currently on-sale) and their imports lean toward rare Belgians. Best of all, at the counter they usually sell PocketShots, which are shots of hard liquor that come in small clear plastic pouches. They're like energy shots for degenerate alcoholics!

Over the course of the next week we plan to make stops at Three Floyd's (Munster here we come!), Goose Island-Clybourn, Armanetti Wine, and West Lakeview Liquors. If you know of other must-visit beer spots in the Chicago-area, let us know in the comments!

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