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Beer Lovers, Unite!
Monday, 09 August 2010 23:52

A beer website that can predict the highly subjective tastes of an infinite number of individuals in a world with tens of thousands of beer options...who would have even thought that possible ten years ago? BeerChooser is now closer to our vision than it has ever been. We're still making small changes and it continues to function well (and with an alarmingly high degree of accuracy for most users), but we're intent on making it faster, easier, and more addictive.


It's become clear that using the site to its full advantage means not only being able to access it from your computer, but being able to use it in all the places people drink beer as well. So we made an iPhone app...which is now in beta testing and set for release soon!


The best way to make BeerChooser the resource we all want it to be is to rate beers. BeerChooser can learn (a little creepy, eh?), but only if users input ratings. So please, rate as many beers as you can, as accurately as you can. Remember, BeerChooser works best when you teach it YOUR preferences, so rate beers based on how YOU feel about them, not what the rest of the world thinks about them. Beer is a populist beverage and BeerChooser is an appropriately populist tool; it's about what beers you like and helping you find more beers like them.

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