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What is BeerChooser?

As beer lovers, we’ve sometimes found it difficult to navigate the seemingly endless options now available to beer drinkers. BeerChooser hopes to eliminate some of the guesswork, giving you personalized beer recommendations based on what you’ve liked in the past.

By rating beers, you teach BeerChooser what you like and what you don’t like, creating a profile of your taste. Based on the ratings of other BeerChooser users, you get recommendations tailored specifically to your preferences.

BeerChooser also allows you to create a list of favorites and a wishlist of beers you want to try. We created these tools due to the countless times we’ve found ourselves staring at a wall of beer, unable to remember which beers we liked and which we’ve been meaning to try. Your BeerChooser “Favorites” and “Wishlist” can be printed out to help guide you through your beer choices.


In addition to all of the current features of BeerChooser, our iPhone app will be available soon. To learn more about how BeerChooser works and all of its useful features, visit the FAQ section. For any media or other inquiries, please contact us.



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