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BeerChooser: Blog
BeerChooser for iPhone is LIVE!
Friday, 12 November 2010 22:12

The BeerChooser iPhone app is live & available for download in the iTunes store! Now you can carry your beer recommending robot around in your pants. Pretty frickin' sweet, eh?


Droid users, our Android app is in the works, but for now you can check out our snazzy mobile site from your phone for beer recommendations on the go!

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Beer Lovers, Unite!
Monday, 09 August 2010 23:52

A beer website that can predict the highly subjective tastes of an infinite number of individuals in a world with tens of thousands of beer options...who would have even thought that possible ten years ago? BeerChooser is now closer to our vision than it has ever been. We're still making small changes and it continues to function well (and with an alarmingly high degree of accuracy for most users), but we're intent on making it faster, easier, and more addictive.


It's become clear that using the site to its full advantage means not only being able to access it from your computer, but being able to use it in all the places people drink beer as well. So we made an iPhone app...which is now in beta testing and set for release soon!


The best way to make BeerChooser the resource we all want it to be is to rate beers. BeerChooser can learn (a little creepy, eh?), but only if users input ratings. So please, rate as many beers as you can, as accurately as you can. Remember, BeerChooser works best when you teach it YOUR preferences, so rate beers based on how YOU feel about them, not what the rest of the world thinks about them. Beer is a populist beverage and BeerChooser is an appropriately populist tool; it's about what beers you like and helping you find more beers like them.

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Beer of the Week: Sierra Nevada Torpedo
Saturday, 26 September 2009 00:00

Sierra Nevada Torpedo was the first in what is becoming a steady flow of new offerings from one of America's iconic craft breweries. Long known for their ubiquitous pale ale, Sierra Nevada has begun showing its creative side with beers that put a twist on the typical. Rather than just catching up with the hop-forward trend they helped launch, Sierra Nevada released an IPA using a customized dry-hopping system and a newly bred hop variety.

The eponymous "torpedo" in this case is a system of steel cylinders filled with hops. Finding a way to add hop flavor and aroma to a beer after fermentation is surprisingly tricky when your brewing enormous batches of beer, so the brewers at Sierra Nevada run Torpedo IPA through a series of hop-filled cylinders to give it the oily flavor and aroma associated with dry-hopping. Whether or not the flavor is much different than dry-hopping is up for debate (as are the merits of the new hop, Citra, a Cascade hybrid), but the result is undeniably delicious.

Torpedo IPA is--like many great American IPAs--intensely aromatic, quenchingly bitter, and sessionably dry. It pairs very well with spicy Mexican food and fatty dishes that call for a cutting bitterness. Best of all, it's very reasonably priced and widely distributed.

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Drinking Our Way Through Chicago
Tuesday, 15 September 2009 14:37

This week, the BeerChooser nabobs are in Chicago, drinking our way through a world-class beer town. Having spent quite a bit of time in Chicago over the years, we've had the pleasure of enjoying some of the best beer spots in the city. Here are some tried and true favorites:

The Map Room. A great bar with an outstanding rotating selection of craft beer, focusing on particularly good offerings from around the Midwest.

The Hopleaf. A bit more upscale than the Map Room and often packed to capacity, the Hopleaf always has a world-class selection of Belgian  and American crafts. Incidentally, this is the bar where we fell in love with great beer.

Sheffield's. Although the beer selection here isn't quite as curated as the Map Room and Hopleaf, the beer is always fantastic and reasonably priced. When the weather is good, Sheffield's beer garden is a major attraction, and with the inside of the bar plastered with flat-screens, this is also the place to drink awesome beer while watching millionaires play children's games.

Binny's. The various branches of this Chicago-area booze chain are always well-stocked with a vast selection of craft beers. Their Midwest craft selection is particularly excellent (and currently on-sale) and their imports lean toward rare Belgians. Best of all, at the counter they usually sell PocketShots, which are shots of hard liquor that come in small clear plastic pouches. They're like energy shots for degenerate alcoholics!

Over the course of the next week we plan to make stops at Three Floyd's (Munster here we come!), Goose Island-Clybourn, Armanetti Wine, and West Lakeview Liquors. If you know of other must-visit beer spots in the Chicago-area, let us know in the comments!

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HAL Knows What You Like To Drink
Wednesday, 09 September 2009 13:53

Yesterday, we received the following message from an adoring site user:


Fantastic service! I entered only a few of my favorites and then you recommended all of my other favorites. Your system works! My only thought would be that there may be a lot of people like me who don't feel that we are worthy of rating all these beers. By that I mean, you have these complete beer geeks running on and on about every conceivable aspect of the beer and I am stuck with "this shit tastes great."


So, it appears that our top-secret beer selection logarithm is in fact capable of reading your mind. Just as we suspected. Next, the wesbite will drink the beer for you.


As to the last point, feel free to write "this shit tastes great" or some equivalent review. The review comments, while visible to all users, are meant mostly to help people keep track of beers they've tried. There are at least two other great sites, BeerAdvocate and Rate Beer, where you can read extensive, detailed descriptions of beers. BeerChooser is more of a personal service, so if "this shit tastest great" helps you remember to pick up another six pack of a beer you enjoyed the next time you're at the liquor store, BeerChooser has served its purpose.

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