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Anderson Valley

Location: Boonville, CA

The Anderson Valley beers are handcrafted in the tradition of our ancestors.  Only the purest natural ingredients are used to create these exceptional brews. Pristine water, rich in bicarbonates and chemical free, is drawn from deep wells on the brewery grounds. Neither artificial preservatives nor flavor destructive pasteurization processes are ever employed in the making of our beer.  Select malted grains are milled, then mashed for ninety minutes, to help create the smoothest, fullest flavored brews possible.  The grain extract, now called wort, our pristine well water and several varieties of the finest Pacific Northwest hops are then vigorously boiled.  Special proprietary yeast is then added at just the right temperature and degree of oxygenation.  After about 10 days, the fermented wort is chilled and, four days later, cold filtered in order to remove the haziness from the beer. Throughout our expansion, we have continued to produce beers with the same quality and commitment that has made our brewery famous.

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