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Captain Lawrence

Location: Pleasantville, NY

Captain Lawrence Brewing Company is an award-winning local microbrewery in Pleasantville, NY. The brewery is owned and run by head brewer Scott Vaccaro. Vaccaro, a homebrewer since 1995, trained in brewing science at UC Davis. Before founding Captain Lawrence in 2005, he worked at Sierra Nevada and Danbury, CT's short-lived Colorado Brewery.

Many of Captain Lawrence's offerings are strongly influenced by traditional Belgian styles of beer, although often with an American twist. Barrel-aging and brews with sourness or flavors contributed by wild yeasts and bacteria have also become part of their repertoire. Like many small breweries, Captain Lawrence seeks to be environmentally sensitive, including donating spent grain to a local farmer for use as cattle feed. Their beers are fermented in stainless steel cylindro-conical vessels. The brewery takes its name from Captain Lawrence Drive in South Salem, NY - the road on which Vaccaro's childhood home is located. The road itself is named after American naval hero James Lawrence.