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BigfootBirra Moretti

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Bios Kriek

ABV: 5%
Style: Lambic - Fruit

The Bios Kriek Lambic is sold under the CHERISH label in the USA and outside Europe. Everybody likes the right balance between the sourness of the Lambic and the sweetness of the fruit, in this case cherries. The aroma of the cherries is not too dominant, as it should be. The beer gives a very pleasant and refreshing feeling in the mouth, with a smooth cherry aftertaste. The Bios Kriek Lambic is an excellent thirst quencher, low in alcohol (5 % by volume) and great to drink at parties. True Lambic lovers prefer the Bios Kriek Lambic so much because you taste slightly more of the Lambic sourness, than in some more commercial Belgian Lambics, wherein the artificial sweetness is too strong.


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